Hong Kong Day 3 & Day 4

Day 3

Checked out Dorsett Far East Hotel and continued next destination – Macau. Ferry’s ticket was booked online and the journey took 1 hour (nausea during da trip, forgot to take motion sickness tablet 😐 )

Checked in Metropark Hotel in Macau and quickly went out for lunch. Next destination – Fisherman’s Wharf.

IMG_5237 (Large) IMG_5266 (Large)

After that, head to Senado Square till dinner time.

DSC07850 (Large)Walk along the street, pass by a lot of shops…..and finally…..

IMG_5319 (Large)Ruins of St. Paul

IMG_5330 (Large)哪吒庙

IMG_5368 (Large)

It’s dinner time 😀

IMG_5370 (Large)

IMG_5372 (Large)

鲮鱼球捞面    &     招牌虾籽捞面

IMG_5376 (Large)

IMG_5375 (Large)

IMG_5374 (Large)

黄枝记 for  澳门猪扒包 & 奶油多士

Day 4

IMG_5406 (Large)The trip to Macau is too rush. Didn’t manage to go anywhere far from hotel, but just spend the time walked around and took photos nearby the hotel. Btw, breakfast was provided and I had a heavy breakfast (is already PAID!).

This photo was taken outside Metropark Hotel, Macau.

After checked out, took ferry back to HK and checked in Dorsett Far East again.

Frankly speaking, was kinda glad when heading back to HK. The trip to Macau is NOT satisfy. I need a tour guide in Macau.

Next – Lunch at 乐园 ( 旺角)

IMG_5420 (Large) IMG_5417 (Large)

After lunch, walked around Mong Kok, and guess what? Found YiShun (義順) 🙂

IMG_5423 (Large)IMG_5424 (Large)

You can’t resist this, you can’t say “NO” to this. (Btw, heard that it is cheaper in Macau)

Up: Double Steamed Milk Custard 双皮奶; Down: 红豆双皮奶, 分别就是放了一些红豆在上面

IMG_5434 (Large)

Ladies’ Market 通菜街 (南段) 女人街

IMG_5442 (Large) IMG_5443 (Large)

许留山 (Up: 杨枝金捞 HKD 28; Down: 芒果糯米糍 3 粒 HKD 15)

IMG_5456 (Large)Dinner at Kam Wah Cafe (金华冰厅) @ G/F, 47, Bute Street in Mongkok

IMG_5453 (Large)IMG_5455 (Large)

Up: 鲜油菠萝包 + 驰名酥皮蛋达; Down: 干炒牛河

Hongkie style egg tart (which differs from Malaysians’) on the left, whilst the most famous polo bun on the right. Talking about polo bun, the word Polo is actually direct translation from Chinese 波羅, which in Hong Kong 波羅 is referring to pineapple. They name it after “pineapple” as the appearance of the bun actually looks (izzit so) like pineapple.

IMG_5444 (Large)

Along Mong Kok Street 🙂


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