Hong Kong Day 6

Day 6

IMG_5531 (Large) IMG_5532 (Large) IMG_5534 (Large)

As usual, had breakfast at Tsuen Wan. Breakfast at 荃湾银龙茶餐厅 : 鲜油菠萝包 + 热鸳鸯,  特制热狗 + 热奶茶  套餐 & French Toast

Checked out Dorsett Far East Hotel and head to Hong Kong Disneyland. Stayed overnight at Disney Hollywood Hotel.

IMG_5540 (Large)

Disney Hollywood Hotel, Hong Kong Disneyland

IMG_5568 (Large)

HK Disneyland

IMG_5606 (Large)

One of the performance in HK Disneyland – High School Musical

IMG_5640 (Large)

Expensive lunch @ HK Disneyland

IMG_5720 (Large)The show that you can’t miss

IMG_5756 (Large)Spaghetti @ Hotel (Dinner)

IMG_5753 (Large)(sorry, forgot the name)

IMG_5762 (Large)Night view of Disney Hollywood Hotel

Remarks: It’s really a nice place. Love to stay another night but we can’t. Moreover, the room rate is expensive. However, I would recommended to spend at least a night at HK Disneyland hotel. Just imagine you are staying in Disney World.


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