Hong Kong Day 7

Day 7

Last day in HK. Visited Ngong Ping 360 since night flight.

Waiting MTR. Love this MTR.

IMG_5779 (Large)

IMG_5784 (Large)This one also cute

IMG_5791 (Large)Yup, we are going up there

IMG_5796 (Large)Kinda bad luck cuz the bad weather. Can’t get any nice view.

IMG_5802 (Large)Something missing :s

IMG_5816 (Large)Yup, missing this in previous pic

IMG_5844 (Large)

Went in there “bai bai”

IMG_5851 (Large)


IMG_5859 (Large)


IMG_5870 (Large) Took this pic just before leaving Ngong Ping 360

Rushing back to HK Disneyland. Tour guide coming at 6pm.

Besides, I wanna take pic with Cinderella, Snow white, Mickey and Minnie, Donald and Daisy etc., and my SOURVENIRS!

IMG_5901 (Large)Inside the MTR

IMG_5914 (Large)Just in time for the parade.

IMG_5909 (Large)Disney on Parade

IMG_5921 (Large)Cute ^_^

IMG_5923 (Large)Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs (and other Disney’s princess)

IMG_5930 (Large)Alice In The Wonderland

IMG_5938 (Large)All-in-One

IMG_5942 (Large)The Main Character – Mickey, Minnie and Friends

IMG_5945 (Large)Hello Mickey and Minnie

IMG_5952 (Large)Small World

IMG_5999 (Large)

Is time to say goodbye.

Goodbye to Hong Kong.

Goodbye to Hong Kong Disneyland.

Really run out of time, just manage to take pic with 2 Disney’s princess, Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and Pluto.

Got myself a medium size Minnie, 2 Minnie necklace and 4 Disney key chains.

I’m very tired. I wanna take a long nap.

However, I need to attend a course for 3 Days 2 Night, at Selangor, a day after I arrive M’sia.

Gosh, don’t even have time to rest 😥


~ by ongsw on July 20, 2009.

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